Observations. Super fast, super easy and in the moment.

Create observations in seconds with as much or as little detail as you want. Add photos, EYFS curriculum information and much more.

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add all your children to your early years setting

Individual or groups

Add as many children to an observation as want.

Add photos to your observations


Bring your observations to life by adding as many photos as you like.

Full EYFS and COEL Curriculum support


Full EYFS and the characteristics of effective learning support.

add child comments

Child comments

Add personality to your observations with child comments.

Record observations fast. Really fast. Toddler fast.

Children move fast and their minds can move even faster. Edna’s designed to keep up. Select the child or children you’re observing, enter a short description and you’re done. Come back and add more detail when you’re ready.

Take EYFS observations quickley and easily

Link EYFS statements with ease.

With well over 400 statements to choose from the EYFS curriculum can be daunting. Edna’s been built with a fast intuitive interface so you can search, filter & browse statements to find the one’s you need.

quickly link eyfs statements to your observations

Breathe life and personality into your observations.

Add detailed descriptions, multiple photos and child comments to your observations and to capture and celebrate a moment of achievement forever.

Create great early years child profiles

Creating observations has never been so easy, fast or fun!

  • COEL areas

    Add characteristics of effective learning.

  • Public or private

    Record now publish later. Control who sees your observation.

  • Child or adult led

    Record if it was a child or and adult led activity.

  • Photos

    Add as many pictures as you need to evidence the observation.

  • Edit later

    Come back and add to or edit your observations at any time.

  • Full EYFS support

    Add multiple statements across different age groups and areas of the curriculum.

  • Child comments

    Record anything the child said about the activity.

  • Search & Filter

    Find past observations quickly and easily.

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