Teaching Children Environmental Awareness in EYFS

Children have an inherent interest in the natural world around them. By making it fun, positive and engaging, children can be well on their way to understanding eco-friendly ideas and being more mindful of our world. Today we’ll explore just a few simple activities and ideas that teach us all more about being green!

Let’s get Gardening!

Getting out in the garden is a fantastic way to satisfy curious minds! Children will love learning more about the world outside their window, the insects and plants they encounter and the science behind how they grow. They’ll be amazed to find out the paper they draw on comes from those huge trees! Make sure their first gardening experience is positive and fruitful with these easy-to-grow plants.

Child gardening
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Re-use & Recycle

It’s as important for children to understand why we recycle as it is for adults! First, have fun creating a simple recycling system with accessible boxes and easy-to-understand pictures and labels. They will be fascinated to learn about what can be recycled, who collects it and what happens once it’s been collected - help them to recognise why we recycle by taking them on the recycling journey! Afterwords, here are some exciting things you can make by reusing your rubbish.

Children recycling
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Topical Book-Reading

Reading is a wonderful activity for inspiring and educating. One of the most beneficial ways for children to read is in small groups, keeping it as interactive as possible by encouraging questions and discussing the issues highlighted in the stories. Here are some environmentally friendly books written just for developing minds.

Children reading
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Nature Reserve Adventure

Visit your nearest environmental centre or nature reserve to take part in wonderful activities, or to just surround yourself with nature! Documenting plants and bugs, planting seeds and pond dipping are all great fun, as is learning little details about the wildlife we share our ecosystem with. But simply playing outside goes a long way in inspiring a love of the outdoors - inspiring kids to care for their home and instilling respect for animals and plants. We’re lucky in the UK to have so many options, search. ‘nature reserves near me’ or check out this list.

Child with binoculars
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Together with small steps, we can make sure we are friendly to the world we live in. Exposure to sustainable and eco-friendly ideas from an early age means more understanding and great fun. It’ll do your kids a world of good!

Child digging in garden
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