SELFIE - Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

A year since the launch of SELFIE, or Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering Innovation through Educational Technology, we take a quick look at the European Commission’s free online tool aimed at boosting our digital skill level in Europe.

Funded through Erasmus+, the Digital Education Action Plan supports the innovative use of digital technologies in teaching and learning in Europe. Aimed at boosting the confidence, training and support of teachers and involving the entire school community to improve the learning outcomes of each individual child.

One year in, over 450,000 students, teachers and school leaders in 45 countries have used the tool; kick starting the conversation and raising awareness on the importance of digital articulacy. Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, commented on the anniversary: "I am pleased that the tool is being used in so many diverse schools. Schools themselves are learning organisations, and with SELFIE they can take stock of where they are at on their digital journey and set their future course."

Over 450,000 students, teachers and school leaders in 45 countries have used the tool
Child using a phone to take a picture in the EYFS

SELFIE was developed with help from 31 education experts from across Europe. Using 6 areas including student digital skills, teacher professional development, infrastructure and leadership. Schools receive custom reports with data and analytics help schools see what is working well and less well, and identify areas where action is needed. Some user testimonials are as follows:

Students are happier as the quality of the computer classes has improved

"Students are happier as the quality of the computer classes has improved as a result of the interventions that took place after we received the SELFIE Report." Teacher, Greece.

"We have clearer goals now and we are working to address the different viewpoints that we saw through SELFIE school report". Teacher, Italy.

"We’ve used digital technologies for many years, but we have not had a proper evaluation of how we are doing, our weaknesses, and what the students think about technology use at our school. Through SELFIE, we know that we can improve things like data protection, safer use of the internet, and social networks. We also need to boost the confidence of teachers with more training and support in using technology." School principal, Spain.

child using iPad

Through user testing and feedback gathering, the SELFIE tool is being continuously improved.

SELFIE is one of the 11 initiatives forming the Digital Education Plan and will run up to the end of 2020, when further support and training materials will be developed.

About the author:
Russ Poulter
Russ Poulter
Design lead at Edna

Co-founder and head of design and user experience at Edna. Russ has been designing and building digital products and web experiences for more than 15 years.

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