New years eve and fireworks inspired EYFS craft ideas

You’d be forgiven for thinking of New Year’s as an adult-only celebration, but our NYE is always a family affair - spent sharing fond memories and planning for resolutions. With this in mind, how does your family ring in the New Year? Just in case you’re running a bit behind, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite crafty New Years exploits for you to experiment with, including fun and safe firework activities for kids!

Blessings Jar - A family tradition?

We love the idea of storing all your ‘blessings’ for the year and getting to read them as a family on New Years Eve. It gives children somewhere to keep their thoughts, hopes, wishes & resolutions throughout the year, as well as the time to read them and reflect! I would also encourage them to think of others at this time of year, by writing blessings for friends and family!

Blessings Jar eyfs craft
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DIY Colourful Catherine Wheels

Get crafty with these very messy but very safe firework-themed craft ideas! Fireworks are a New Year’s tradition, but not always suitable for every child. For some, they can be loud and scary! Others might prefer the chance to get creative with their own colourful catherine wheel designs.

DIY Colourful Catherine Wheels eyfs craft
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Homemade, Safe Sparklers

A quick trip around the kitchen should provide you with all you need for this fun-filled activity. They’re super shiny and even make ‘sparkly’ noises - just like the real thing but with less chance for accidents! So they can still have fun with sparklers, without you having to look over your shoulder every two seconds!

Homemade, Safe Sparklers eyfs craft
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Glittery Fireworks Display

Create your own flash-filled night’s sky! The real thing is unlikely to live up to their huge imagination, so let them get creative creating their own fireworks display. It’s a perfect, crafty way to celebrate, and the more glitter the better!

Glittery Fireworks Display eyfs craft
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New Years Noise-Maker Bracelets

Just in case they needed any extra help making lots of noise, these easy-to-make bracelets (with bells on) will certainly do the trick. A fantastically fun activity for the kids leading up to midnight! They’ll love ‘ringing’ in the New Year - running around making lots of noise, of course, and they’ll be amazed at just what they can create for themselves.

New Years Noise-Maker Bracelets eyfs craft
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