Quick EYFS activity: Cornflour slime

Slime that is actually educational! This quick and easy activity requires only 2 ingredients (Water and cornflour!) has lots of learning outcomes, is straightforward to clean up and will keep enquiring small minds occupied and engaged.

Start with a bowl and a small amount of cornflower and let the children add a little bit of water to it and give it a stir, then add some more cornflour. Part of the fun is seeing the different textures and consistencies that occur as they add different amounts of water. Once you have a consistency you're happy with encourage the children to really get in and get their hands dirty!

Cornflour slime
Encourage the children to really get in and get their hands dirty!

Try rolling the slime into a ball, when you stop pressing it will seem to melt away! How about laying it out onto a flat surface and pushing it, can you see the water moving away from the cornflour as you press? Look at it while it's in the bowl, it looks wet like a liquid, right? slap the surface and it will feel like a solid. MAGIC!

This is a liquid that acts as a solid, it is a non-Newtonian fluid see here for the science!

Cornflour slime

Put the slime in a plastic bag and see how it feels, what happens when you drop it? The slime can be kept in a plastic bag for a couple of days. This is easy to clear up but don’t put it down the sink, it will block it! Just put it in a bag and dispose of it in a bin.

About the author:

A former teacher, when she's not busy testing the latest Edna features Melanie volunteers at a local primary school.

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