6 Top tips to help with your OFSTED inspection

OFSTED inspections can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s your first time! So, to help you overcome those first-time nerves, take a look at our list of tips and tricks to help you survive an OFSTED inspection.

1. Google your inspector

Googling your inspector can be beneficial in helping you prepare as it enables you to have a look at some of their previous inspections and identify the areas they were focusing on during their inspections. Doing this can help you not get caught off guard when they arrive.

Google your inspector

2. Make sure you know your kids inside out

This may seem like an obvious one, but the inspectors are most likely going to ask you about a child’s next steps and how you are going to evaluate their development. So, knowing this information off the top of your head will make you seem a lot more on it.

3. Plan ahead

It is worth taking the time before the inspection to consider how you will demonstrate the following:

  • Your self-evaluation process
  • Your understanding of the requirements of EYFS
  • How you work closely with parents and other professionals
  • Any additional training you have undertaken

4. Be Organised

There’s nothing worse than rustling through papers when you get asked for a certain bit of information. So have your paperwork in order for the inspector to arrive or alternatively you could use an online learning journal software like Edna which keeps everything organised for you and makes information easy to find.

make sure you are organised

5. Let Parents know

The inspector is going to want to speak with parents about what they think of your service. To help them prepare, put up a note or tell them when they come to collect their child and invite them to ask you questions as well as encouraging them to share their views with the inspector.

6. Preparing the children

This one really depends on knowing your children. But ideally, not changing anything and carrying on as normal tends to be the best way to do things. You could ask the children to draw a picture about how they feel coming to your setting and get them to hand it to the inspector.

About the author:

Chris is part of the Edna marketing team

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